Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Update (Because I am telling you about October.)

As each month goes by, there are so many things that I could share with you.  When I sit down and reflect on the month I can see all of the things that God is doing around me.  If I shared all of them, this would be a very, very long blog!

At the beginning of the month, Brandon and the campus pastor from Baptist Student Ministries at UTD, Beth, planned a meeting to get all of the campus ministers at UTD together.  That meeting was so encouraging to me because there isn’t a spirit of competitiveness for anyone’s ministry but a spirit of unity.  On a secular campus, unity is so important if we are going to reach this campus and show them Jesus.  There are so many students who haven’t been reached yet at UTD so I know God is going to do great things here.

In the middle of October, we got all the women leaders together for a meeting at La Madeline.  There are almost 30 of us when you get us all together!  We had desserts and then we went around and shared good news of what was going on in our personal life and ministry.  Every one of the women shared good news and that would be too long to write here.  But God is working in so many ways big and small.  We have international students who are asking to study the Bible during their first meeting with a corefa, non-Christian students getting to experience Christian community and friendship, women in cores opening up and sharing their lives with each other, new people wanting to be involved in studying the Bible with others in their core, and one of my favorites, 2 sophomores who are planning a mission trip for our ministry this summer because they had it on their heart to do so.  I really could go on and on!!

Please, Please keep praying for FOCUS.  When you think of the almost 20,000 students at UTD we are only scratching the surface of what is possible.  God has answered our prayers this year but I know he wants to do even greater things.  As the year goes on students get distracted, busy, and stressed.  Please pray for protection of those who are seeking God and wisdom and protection for the corefas.  Your prayers are so critical to the work we do!  God is so good and answers our prayers!