Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring is Here!

March was such a great month.  Spring is here!  There is something so revitalizing and new about spring.  God takes the dead looking grass and trees and brings new life to them.  The flowers are blooming everywhere, the grass is green and the weather is warm.  I thank God for all of his amazing work in nature but I especially am thankful for the work he is doing in people’s lives.  I think that his work in us, bringing the dead to life, is even greater.  There is just so much for me to share.

This past Sunday, Stephanie Greene decided to be baptized.  She and I have been studying the Bible together for several weeks now and through her study she decided to be baptized.  She is one of the sweetest women I know and just has such a heart for Jesus and for his people.  While we have been studying the Bible together, she has also been studying the Bible with two international students sharing about Jesus.  I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in her life!  Her baptism was so special to me because we had it at my house and invited about 40 people to come and have lunch with us before it.  It was fitting since she was “getting married to Jesus.”

This past week we did a huge event on campus that focused on human trafficking.  It was our “not for sale” campaign.  We had booth’s on campus on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that had information about this modern day injustice.  The booths had stories of different people who have been sex slaves here in the United States.  The students all wore “not for sale” shirts and engaged people in conversations about the stories they were reading.  Students were given information on what they could do and that God cares deeply about these issues.  On Wednesday night we met on the Union steps outside in the middle of campus and showed a video about all kinds of trafficking.  It covered modern slavery in other countries to sex trafficking here in the United States.  It literally broke my heart.  Then on Thursday night we had a speaker in the same place who talked about this issue.  The whole week was a huge success!

Several weeks ago one of the women from Collin, Cierra, told me that she wanted to put together something for all of the women from all of our campuses to talk about insecurity in women.  She felt like this was something the women from FOCUS really struggle with just like the women of the world.  So this past Saturday we had three different women from Northeast come and share with us about how sinful insecurity is, how to fight insecurity, and who God says we are.  It was such a great event with about 50 women from FOCUS.  We had lunch, heard the speakers, and shared in small groups.  Cierra did such a great job!  I cannot tell you how proud of her I am.  She saw a need and took initiative to do something about it!

So all of that was this past week!!

Spring Break was earlier this month which I think was much needed for the students and for me!  I think the time of rest really gave them a renewed energy to finish this year off strong.  Our women’s cores are still going well and there are still so many studies happening.  The fruit of the year is really starting to show.

It has really been another great month.  Please pray for the studies going on and that people make serious commitments to Jesus.  Pray that the students can end the year strong!