Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's summer time....

I came into summer expecting to slow down a little bit and relax some before August comes.  I did get to relax at the beginning of June on vacation with my family.  That was so fun and rejuvenating for me.  When I got back I had to hit the ground running.

I have spent the remainder of the month trying to figure out our small group leaders (Corefa’s) for this coming school year.  I have been having conversations with the women who went to SICM and the leaders from last year to try to determine who our leaders will be.  Please be in prayer for these people already.  These are the people who in so many ways are the ones who will be doing campus ministry.  They meet people, invite them to CORE and FOCUS, and then they are the ones who will sit down and study the Bible with people in their group.  Please pray that God does great things in them and through them this year!

This summer is also a time of transition.  July will be the last month of this year’s interns.  I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss Jamiann and Andrew.  Please pray that they have a great last month with FOCUS and pray God continues to do great things through them!  Also, we have started to fundraise for next year.  Please pray for the staff and new interns as we work on that.