Friday, August 10, 2012

August...Almost time for school to start!!!

A brand new school year starts in a couple of weeks which is so exciting.  We have really spent the summer planning for it.  We just had a staff retreat this past weekend with our brand new staff for the year!  It was so great.  We were able to spend time singing, getting to know each other, and thinking about our ministry.  My favorite thought from the weekend was our new theme from Revelation, Everything New.  God has a bigger plan for redemption than I can even comprehend.  It is really encouraging and got me really excited.  We were also asked to journal the question “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” which also got me thinking.  We have nothing to fear and fear often paralyzes us.  We can’t do God’s work like that. 
God has blessed us with such great people who really do want to pour into students to see more people reached.  Our new staff at UTD will be Casey, Sirak, Courtney, and me.  All four of us are alumni from UTD, know the campus and have a heart for it.  I am so excited about this year because we have 16 women who will be Core facilitators (group leaders).   Most of them are brand new Corefas who will be back again next year.  The thing I am most excited about are our 6 women Peer Team leaders who will mentor the Corefas!  Our small group leaders are going to be supported very well!

Right now I feel like I have so many things to ask you to pray about.  Please pray for Sirak and Courtney as they start their new internship at UTD.  They are going to be spending time learning God’s word more deeply, learning to preach, will lead peer team and all the little nuances of campus ministry.  Pray for Casey as he starts working at UTD again after being at Collin for several years.  Pray for our new student leaders as they begin to meet new people.  Pray for all of the new people on campus that they can know the Lord God through His Son Jesus!